KVM/QEMU Architecture
Orion Electric Age

Architecture Bird View

Architecture Bird View

  • KVM source code directories
    KVM Source Codes
  • CPU & Memory
    CPU & Memory Virtualization
  • Device & Interrupt
    Deive & Interrupt Virtualization

Qemu, the helper of KVM

  • Qemu main thread
    glibc event loop mechanism, vl.c main_loop()
    Main Thread Loop
  • Qemu thread model
    Thread Model
  • Qemu parameter parsing
    Parameter Parsing
  • Qemu object model(QOM)
    Object Model
  • HMP & QMP
    HMP: Human Monitor Protocol; QMP: Qemu Monitor Protocol
  • Motherboard and firmware emulation
    Motherboard & Firmware

The road to eliminate (virtualization) overhead (datacenter tax) and neighour noise

Performance optimize direction