Insight of Next Generation Computation Architecture
Orion Electric Age

Key Points

Mainframe decomposed to Server, Server will be decomposed to Component Pools(CPU, storage, memory, GPU, etc.), Data Center will be refactored: Infrastructure as Code (Software Defined Data Center).
Figure 1. Gartner’s Datacenter Transformation

Key Facts


The base and most important step: low latency link protocal (network) is ready (Standard & Startups), Software for disaggreated is the opportunity. Architecture bird view from Figure 2 to Figure 5.
Figure 2. Rack Architecture Today 2 Decades Old
Rack Architecture Today 2 Decades Old
Figure 3. Eliminating Staranded Resources, Disaggregation Architecture
Eliminating Staranded Resources
Figure 4. Disaggregated rack
Figure 5. A Transition Use Cases

IBM z Series, an unintentional attempt of resource disaggregation