AWS Virtualization Nitro
Orion Electric Age

AWS Virtualization Evolution History

AWS virtualization evolution history: cpu/memory, io(network, storage), hypervisor.
AWS Virtualization Evolution History

AWS Nitro System

AWS nitro system: nitro card, nitro security chip, nitro hypervisor.

  • Nitro System
    AWS Nitro System
  • Nitro Diagram:simple and clean
    AWS Nitro Diagram:simple and clean
  • Nitro hypervisor based on KVM
    Nitro hypervisor
  • Nitro hypervisor jitter:close to bare metal performance
    Nitro hypervisor jitter
  • Nitro next: has published Graviton(arm) and amd instance, closed-loop of public cloud ecology

A Tip of AWS Ecosystem Strategy

  • Alliance with vmware, seize traditional IT customers, and lead the data to AWS(Data is the portal)
    Alliance with vmware